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4 simple steps from idea to business

This article is not a copy or a product of artificial intelligence. It is written by me, Alexander, CEO of Open Business. For people who want to start their business from 0, having only an idea at the moment. In it, I have presented real steps, without unnecessary information, necessary to successfully test your idea and turn it into a working business.
Alexandr Moskalenko, CEO of Open Business
Marketing research

The first step is to conduct comprehensive market research of your idea to thoroughly analyse the market. This will identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your future business, as well as assess potential opportunities and threats. It is important to determine the cost of advertising for your product to effectively plan your budget and promotion strategy. In addition, it is necessary to study your competitors, analysing their activities and approaches to work. This stage will enable you to gain a deeper insight into the market environment and plan your next steps with greater confidence and awareness. The Open Business app allows you to order this service and have comprehensive marketing research conducted by professionals according to your needs and goals.
Create and manage your Businesses in one app on iOS or Android

Of course, you can skip the market research stage, if you know your target audience and want to start testing your idea right away, then you can start developing it. During the development process it is important to keep in mind that some projects will require a web application or a mobile application, and often both at once, depending on the goals and nature of your business.

Open Business provides a wide range of services for creating and developing your business. You can order:

- Developing a mobile or web app that effectively meets your needs and objectives.
- Creating an attractive and functional website that will help you expand your online presence and attract new customers.
- Launching a store on the Shopify platform, giving you flexibility and powerful e-commerce tools.

Our experts are ready to help you bring your ideas to life and make your business a success.
Company registration, opening a bank account and payment system

To legalize your business you need to register a company. In our app, you can open a company in the US or UK. After that, you need to open a bank account in your company's name to set up a payment system like Stripe to accept payments from your customers through your website or app.

Once your idea is developed and registered, you can start testing it with marketing. You'll need to run ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, order publications on websites or YouTube channels for your business, create a variety of ad creatives and test different approaches. With Open Business, you can simplify the process of testing your idea by ordering services from creating video creatives to launching ad campaigns across multiple traffic sources.

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