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5 Steps to start your business in Hong Kong
Register your company online with us:
Complete our quick 5-minute application by providing the required details to comply with Hong Kong's local company registration laws.

We'll prepare the necessary documents and send them to you for electronic signature.
Submission of the application
We submit your application documents to the Hong Kong Company Registry and closely monitor their progress for swift processing.
Exciting news! Your company has been successfully registered!
We gather all the official documents confirming the registration of your new Hong Kong company, including the Certificate of Incorporation from the Hong Kong Company Registry and the Business Registration Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department.
Open a business account
We expedite the opening of your business account with Seekadvisory, all handled remotely and finalized within a swift 48 hours.
Unlock savings on your accounting services!
Share your accounting requirements with us, and we'll gather price quotes from a range of reputable Hong Kong accounting firms. Choose the option that aligns perfectly with your budget.
Why register a Hong Kong company?
Discover the Benefits of Forming Your LLC in Hong Kong
  • Strategic Location
    Hong Kong serves as the gateway to Mainland China's thriving industry, offering a strategic advantage in dealing with suppliers through swift payment and shipping from China.
  • Global Financial Hub
    Hong Kong's financial system is tailor-made for businesses. With multi-currency options available, such as those offered by Seekadvisory, you can seamlessly transact in various currencies.
  • Low Taxes
    Enjoy highly favorable corporate taxes, capped at 15%, with no capital gains tax.
  • Effortless Management
    Registering a Hong Kong company is quick and easy, and managing it is equally straightforward. Plus, we're here to provide support every step of the way.
Ready to register your Hong Kong 🇭🇰 company today?
Hong Kong Company Registration
In less than 5 Days!
  • Your New Company
  • Business Account
  • Credit Card
  • Business Paypal Account
Embark on your dream business journey while staying 100% compliant

Transform your dream idea into a successful business.
Talk with our experts!
Register your Hong Kong company from anywhere today!Our trusted experts can help you save up to an incredible 90% on taxes!

In less than 5 days!

Company Registered

Banking Setup

Physical Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard)

Dedicated PayPal Account

and More!

Finally, you can focus on what truly matters – more time growing your business!

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